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A place to show how you are using Zenbership

First of all, love this. It took me a long time to find a product where we could host it our self and don't need to pay any fees while we see if it's suitable or not. Short answer, we found it very suitable.

So, i'm just curious how everyone is using it...

I'm form a Surf Life Saving Club in Victoria, Australia, and we're hoping to use it to manage our annual membership fees, and our online shop. With the vision to extend it to our events as well. We don't utilise the 'lead' aspect of it, but perhaps if we do much marketing and campaign, we may extend out to this area too so we can increase our membership.


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Re: A place to show how you are using Zenbership

This is wonderful and I thank you for posting this. I'll get us started with an obvious example: Castlamp.

Castlamp uses Zenbership for all aspects of our business: registration, online eCommerce, lead generation and followup, and the occasional event management.

We've integrated a number of plugins with the tool, including Stripe, Mailgun, Plivo, and Docusign.

You can take a look here:

Jon Belelieu, Lead Developer, Zenbership

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Re: A place to show how you are using Zenbership

Technorama is a not-for-profit group set up to promote contact, education, personal development of technologists within the Community Broadcasting sector in Australia. 

From day one our policy has been to virtualise everything possible about our operation because we cover members from all over Australia and our governance is similarly distributed.  We also have a policy of using, for our own support purposes, best-of-breed tools that might apply to our member's operations.   I was pretty appalled to discover that most small community stations in Australia manage their members with nothing more sophisticated than a spreadsheet.

Enter Zenbership.   I was introduced to Zenbership on a Friday evening during a concall, and installed it on our Cpanel-based hosting the following day.  By Monday morning we had a system running in limited release and we enrolled our first members that night.  We told everyone there would be a three month free-enrollment window, while we spent the next month testing the payment gateway (Stripe).  Less than three months from limited launch we moved to full payment basis.   You can find us here:  https://www.technorama.org.au and the membership system is here.

The great thing about Zenbership is the way it's eliminated almost all the overhead that our treasurer and secretary officers would typically encounter with onboarding new members.

Student of Zen


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